Keep Track of Your Paid Medical Bills

Keep Track of Your Paid Medical Bills

This is my 'Paid Medical Bills' folder

Today was bill paying day.  Yeah!  Such fun.

Well, as I went through my bills I had a stack of medical bills that showed due.  Of the five bills I had, though, only two were actually due.  The other three I had already paid the prior month.

The reason I knew those three bills were already paid was because of how I keep track of medical bills.

Which leads me to this post.  If you deal with a lot of medical bills, as I do, then be sure to keep track of what you've paid so you can make sure you don't double pay the same bill.

Below is a description of what I do.  Hopefully it will help you, too.

First, I write the date the bill was paid on the bill itself as soon as I've paid it.Write the Date a Bill Was Paid on The Bill Itself
Next, I write down the paid amount in Quicken, which I use to track our finances.  When I do this I include the acount or invoice number for the paid bill.

Add the Account Number when Entering in Quicken

The benefit to doing the above steps is two-fold:

First, you can easily look back through your medical bills to know what has been paid.  You can look through your paper records, or your financial software, such as Quicken.

Second, if you get a collections letter, you can find out pretty quickly if you've already paid the bill in question.

If you do get a collections letter that you suspect has been paid, call the phone number on the letter.  Earlier today I did exactly this.  I had a bill for $48.63.

A quick check in Quicken showed that I hadn't paid any bills for that exact amount.  Next I looked through my "Paid Medical Bills" folder, at the bills themselves.  None of the bills there matched that amount, either.  However, I saw that several of the bills that I had paid where for multiple service dates.  I suspected that the bill had already been paid in one of the larger checks I'd recently written.

A call to the billing company showed that I was correct.  The bill was paid and not delinquent, and the money had been misapplied.  I wrote down the name of the person I spoke to, the date I spoke to her, and what she said.  If I ever need to follow-up, I can provide specific information about the person I previously spoke to.

Write Down Who You Spoke To

You can see that I spoke to Darryl Lynne on 1/17/2013.  She told me that I do not owe this bill.

What do you do to keep your medical bills organized?  Please share your methods in the comments below.

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