My Medicine Dosage Chart

I recently created a medicine dosage chart that I am sharing, since it will likely be helpful to other people, too. Until recently, I had been writing down the medicines that Lillie takes when sick on small pieces of scratch paper. Although the information is helpful, I finally realized that I wanted to keep track of more details, hence my chart. Here is an example of the dosage chart I used just before creating an … Continue reading this post here →

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

The Proverbial Other Shoe

Lillie has been healthy for the past 1-1/2 months, and I am experiencing something very strange. Basically, I am waiting on pins and needles for her to start showing signs of illness. In other words, I am waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. This is a very strange feeling. I should be rejoicing that Lillie has been healthy for this stretch of time. But, her health over the past 12+ months has been … Continue reading this post here →

Advice for New Moms

Advice for New Moms

A friend of mine recently had her first baby.  I wanted to give her a gift, and thought about what to get. I gave a lot of thought about what to get her, and even had two books in mind to send. In the end, I opted to go in a different direction.  I decided to write this post, which is a collection of advice for new moms,  based on my experiences as a mother.  … Continue reading this post here →

It’s a Medical Doubleheader

Pneumonia and Influenza

My last post was on Monday, and I had intended to write an update after I took Lillie to the doctor, but (obviously) that didn’t happen.  It has turned out to be a very trying week, but things are finally settling down. Our doctor diagnosed Lillie with pneumonia on Monday, which is what I suspected based on the symptoms I could see.  We came home and she was miserable, but she had started her medicine … Continue reading this post here →

Lillie Struggles to Keep Up with School Work

The Challenge for Lillie to Keep Up with School Work

As I just wrote, Lillie is sick today.  What is either good or sad, depending on how you look at it, I’ve gotten pretty accurate at estimating how long Lillie will be out of school based on her beginning symptoms.  Today I called her school and said that she will be out at least until Wednesday (today is Monday), but probably the entire week.  My gut is telling me that Lillie will be out for … Continue reading this post here →

Lillie is Sick Today

Lillie is Sick Again

It’s another week, and another illness.  Whatever Lillie is fighting right now has me a bit worried, truth be told.  It has hit her hard and fast.  Normally, her respiratory illnesses start out slow and follow a somewhat predictable pattern.  Not this one. It started two days ago, on Saturday, but I didn’t know it yesterday (Sunday).  Saturday, Lillie seemed fine, had lots of energy, looked healthy.  But she confessed to me the next day that she … Continue reading this post here →

How to Save Money on Medicine

How to Save on Medicine

Having a chronically sick child means we have a lot of prescriptions to fill each month.  Even if Lillie didn’t need meds, Parker and I both have prescriptions that we take daily.  If you are like me, have you ever added up the monthly cost of your medicines? In the past, I paid with a credit card and didn’t pay any attention to what they cost.  Now, we are budgeting our money and I went … Continue reading this post here →

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